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About My Longer Walks

Morning pick up 0800-0900

Afternoon pick up 1300-1400

3-4 hour service from pick up to drop off, 2-3 hours exercise

5 mile minimum walking route

Tracked data available daily

7 days a week

Life can be tricky to juggle with work, family, illness and other commitments, but it's important that your four legged friend still gets the exercise they deserve.

On my walks I like to keep on the move and guarantee a minimum 5 mile route with your dog(s) so they get as much exercise, fun, exploration and sniffs as possible. I never walk more than 4 dogs at any one time, so I can focus properly on the task at hand. All routes are varied but I like to stay local, so that dogs are familiar with their surroundings and spend little (if any) time in a van.

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